Monday, January 19, 2015

Watch President Jonathan and General Buhari hugs and hold hands

This video shows what transpired between president goodluck and APC presidential candidate Gen Buhari.Watch video below and see for yourself.

Gen Buhari: 'Morning Mr President!
President Jonathan: 'Morning Sir!
Gen Buhari: How are you Mr President
President Jonathan: How are you Sir!

Both Of them together : How is the Campaign?
{they started laughing and Hugging each other}. This was at a conference held in support of Peaceful elections. So Nigerians, here you have it. Both men know this is not Personal and they have demonstrated it to the entire world, so there is no need to Insult, Fight or Kill your Selves because of Politics. It makes no sense whatsoever! Say No to Violence!.. Keep sharing this Video.

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