Monday, October 13, 2014

In Loving Memory of M-lee, Buchi and Gabriel Soriwei

Our Dearest Brothers,

Its over a year of your passing from earth to heaven, we wanted to let you know how much you are loved and missed. I can't say I knew you guys as well as some people(close friends).I met Buchi and Mlee on one or two occasions and we just exchanged pleasantries.Those times i would say was an HONOR! Although i wasn't privileged to meet Gabriel Soriwei.

These guys were young with so much dreams,hopes and aspirations but their lives were cut short by Death. Looking back, we know these young men left this wicked world in a very painful way.

Stanley Eteimo popularly known as M-lee, his death still remains a mystery till date, his body was found floating at Kratos Hotel beach in Cyprus on Thursday 8th August 2013.The police up till today did not give a clear statement of what happened that night.SAD!.This young man according to his friends was a producer and also had a dream of becoming a rapper.People kept on talking about how talented,friendly and transparent he was. How can such a talent die? But who are we to question God? Very difficult to understand, yet very real. Your memories are what we hold very firm to us.
Buchi to close pals was a friend who offered encouragement when you needed it most.He loved life to the fullest, was a great hustler, always happy, respectful, neat, selfless and loved fashion.He had the determination that one day he would become successful.Unfortunately, On 13th October 2013 (exactly a year) Cyprus was thrown into the dark .What happened on this day? Our dear Brother Buchi passed away.I remember when i heard the sad news, it was a shock, his picture kept on flashing in my head and all i could think was "that could have been me or someone close to me" accident is something that happens very fast and before you know it the situation becomes uncontrollable.No words can express the loss. No action can take away the sadness. All we can do is try to get some comfort knowing that you're in a better place now. I pray that love and time will help comfort your close family and friends.
Gabriel Soriwei was a first year student of Electrical/Electronic/Engineering at the Cyprus International University who was knocked down by a female driver on July 13 .Gabriel fell into a coma but he eventually died on September 7, 2013.Our dear brother, we wished you made it after the long weeks of pain and suffering. We wished and prayed for God to spare your life.But then again, who are we to question the unquestionable God? He is the Almighty that has the power to give and take and he took you away from us at his own given time. You will always be remembered .You are in a better place. May God have mercy on you and forgive you all your sins. 
Death is one of the strongest situation where God has shown his superiority. Death is a debt we all owe but we just don't know when and how.No one is promised tomorrow. The only thing we can count on is today.This life is just too hard to comprehend.When someone dies immediately he/she would be addressed as 'was' and at funerals he/she would not be called by his/her name but would be referred to as 'body' (e.g bring the body, lower the body) this is just to show that life is short and full of vanity.

Our dear brothers, we know you are in a better place, we might have lost you on earth but heaven sure has gained more Angels.Goodbye seems forever, Farewell seems like the end but in our hearts a memory and when someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

Your memory lives on M-lee, Buchi and Gabriel Soriwei.

And also to all other people that we've lost in Cyprus that i did not mention in this post.


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this is so touching

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shade said...

this is a nice tribute and touching.welldone tolu

RIP guys

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mlee my producer....adieu!

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this is thoughtful of you just won my heart. rip guys.

Eryk Mba said...

Its been a year now that all these young men passed away.. I'm glad that their memories still lives on in our heart.. May you all find peace in the bosom of the Lord. RIP

Thank you Tolu for this tribute..
From gameboy