Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ronke Odusanya Called LIAR By Alleged Lover's Estranged Wife's Friend.

According to SDK
Actress Ronke Odusanya is going through some kinda controversy right now..She denied marrying one Femi Anibaba who is allegedly divorced from his wife Folape but insiders went on facebook last week to call out the actress and insinuated that her marriage was still intact and that Ronke a.k.a Flakky Didowo is the reason hubby took a walk from her.

Ronke came out to address the situation and i thought that was a closed case until I received this email which attempts to address the issue.

The sender parades as a friend but when you read the details and the quotes and remembered speeches,you will know who sent this in.

*Everyone has a right of reply,Ronke Odusanya,if this is called to your attention and you read it and feel the need to respond,please contact me*.

''OK let all listen to this,My name is Bukky Ola, I am a very good friend to this lady 'FOLAPE SOKOYA' and I have known her for almost most of 15yrs now, when all this first started,in 2008,as said by “Flakky” herself, that “Folape’  first called her to warn her about her secret affair with her husband and also confronted the husband who denied ever knowing “Flakky” in fact his exact words to his wife was "who does not know all this Yoruba actresses I only like her movies". They talked it out that moment and that was it. 
As time went on "Mr. Femi Anibaba" still went on calling “Flakky even into late nights American time and as a heavily pregnant woman then what could she have done with her condition? 'Mr. Femi  Anibaba' even went  to Naija that same year with his second daughter claiming to be going to see his mum but when he came back ,”Folape'  found pictures of him and flaky in his belongings and this 'Flakky' Even took a picture with their daughter then and miss “Folape was angry at her husband who denied it all and said they only took pictures with her because she was a celebrity... indeed.

Let us not be quick to judging anyone, when a man wants to cheat there is nothing anyone can do to stop him let alone a pregnant woman; now after all that went on, this same “ Mr. Femi Anibaba” started fighting his wife in the house,infact since I have known ‘Folape ‘ and her husband “FLAKKY” was the first reason they ever had a big fight about because “FEMI AND FLAKKY” were dating.

”Folape stood on the side line watching her reasons then was because her kids were super very young and she was not leaving until her husband told her to,alongside all  this, “Mr. Femi Anibaba had another extra marital affairs with two other  women one in Canada and one in London and also had two kids out of wedlock.

“Flakky” continued dating this lady’s husband,infact when “Flakky said in her interview that she printed out the conversation she had with”Folape” and showed it to his ‘FAMILY”, did we all wonder how she got to know his family  that quick

...... and they were just friends to that extent? people lets all take our time to reason here. You claim to know someone as a friend in that same short period of time you were bold enough to take a letter or a print out  to them without them ever knowing you? people please check that out.   The only reason she was able to do that was because “Mr. Femi” had already introduced her to his family as his girl friend and they all knew about what he was doing ,I can even remember “Folape’ calling her then mother in-law about “Femi and Flakky” and what her mother in-law said to her then was very disturbing, her mother in said

 “ni gba yen ko, tifemi ba fe ronke ko fe” she cried all that night .

 There was even one time when “Folape’ had gone to work “Mr. Femi Anibaba” called “Flakky” and put their kids on the phone to talk to “Flakky” when “Folape” came back from work her daughter told her said ”Mum I spoke with “Becky” my daddy’s girlfriend from the Jennifer Nigeria movie” .“Folape” confronted the husband and they got into an argument again which  went  really very bad.

Another thing is in the story “Flakky” gave,she said “Mr. Femi Anibaba” “told her in 2008 that his wife and him were separated”, and in 2012 again he told her the same thing,people can’t we see the “Flakky”  is contradicting herself or how can one person leave in 08 and 2012.HHHUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

People am not putting my friends business out but I think we all need to know the truth and if Miss “Flakky” wants to now come out and sound innocent  like she is doing now, then she also needs to know that nothing is done in cover under the eye of the Lord...”FLAKKY” was the mean reason why they separated, even this past July, when “Flakky” was here in America staying at “Mr. Femi Anibaba’s  presumed hotel at his two bedroom apartment, “Folape” and her husband still had a fight over the issue of him allowing their kid to meet with “Flakky” against her will.

 She said ”Femi please if you want to be with Flaky that is your choice but I beg you in Jesus name don’t take my kid to the reason why we are separated  they are all I have while you have extra two kids hidden somewhere, if you want to show case your kids to “Flakky” go and show case your other two kids and let see what their mothers will do” this is enough for now.

 If “Flakky” is the real innocent woman she claims to be then let her come and defend all this, am every sure behind her mind she knows all this is true and only a real woman can own up to the “Gospel Truth”. Like she claim and if I may remind her no marriage will last if the foundation is all lies, “Mr. Femi Anibaba  can play dead and stupid for now as he risks the joy and happiness of his children over a woman who can leave at anytime.

 “Folape” does not want  “Mr.Femi Anibaba”  back at all, the only reason she said something was because “Flakky” came out thinking “Folape” will not have the guts to expose her, I am very sure if she knew ‘Folape” was going to say something she would not have broad casted her getting engaged to the man she baby spooned out of his marriage.

To me I know “Mr. Femi Anibaba frustrated the wife to the point that she had no choice but  to leave so that he and “Flakky” could continue what they had started “Folape” stood by her husband even when she found out that he had other kids outside their marriage .

She said “my husband has begged me what else would I want him to do” so if that kind of woman can take that then she could take anything but being beaten because of another woman .
”Ronke/Flakky” be wise, I will never tell you to leave this man but be warned that your own disgraceful days is hanging and waiting to drop on you, even if it’s not “Mr. Femi Anibaba” she marries today what goes around come around and very fast it does you have greedily design how your marriage will be no matter whom you marry.

Also if "Mr. Femi Anibaba" is a real man and he really loves "Flaky" then let him stand up for "Flaky" and tell the truth;we all know he is not in love with"Folape" anymore but let him be a man and fight for the woman he claims to love so much"Flaky" so that her reputation will not be destroyed, if he can do that then he is a true man.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. God bless dis lady,things are actually happening in dis world.i keep saying dis women are d most wicked creatures on earth,what a woman will do to another woman a man will never do dat to a fellow man...if we want men to treat women right,we women too have to be fair to each oda..