Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oshiomhole To Drag EFCC To Court For Abandoning Constitutional Role & Becoming A ‘Political Commission’

Edo State Governor, Com. Adams Oshiomhole yesterday at a townhall meeting in Benin has said he is preparing to drag EFCC to court for allegedly abandoning its constitutional role and becoming a ‘political commission’.

The Governor stated this while trying to query the Commission’s right in investigating the impeachment of a deputy speaker in the state.

“Our own EFCC is now Economic Financial and alleged Political Crimes. I am still unable to understand how EFCC assumed responsibility to investigate impeachment of a Deputy Speaker. That is how far the EFCC has degenerated.

“When armed robbers are the ones looking for thieves then the story will change. We are watching how things will go. We have assembled a legal team to take EFCC to court to challenge their authority to become a political commission. We will fight them on our feet and never beg them on our knees. We will show them respect but never shall we display an act of cowardice. We want to see how far they can go. The greatest weapon is to deliver on good governance,” he said.

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