Thursday, January 22, 2015

Did Don Jazzy Call D’banj 'Broke' In His Newly Produced Song?

I hope this is not a way of starting a fresh war between these guys..

Well according to the report below...

Don Jazzy we gathered just produced a song for his younger brother titled ‘Oga Titus’ and those who have heard the song say that it is a direct attack on D’Banj. The song also confirmed the rumour in town that the ‘Eja Nla’ is broke. gathered that Don Jazzy might have capitalized on the news that took over the social media recently that D’Banj is enmeshed in debt. In the new song, it was said that ‘Now Money Don Lost’ confirming the perceived state of D’Banj’s bad state of finances.

Repeatedly, Don Jazzy and brother took swipe at D’Banj calling him ‘Oga Titus’ instead of ‘Eja Nla’. The duo even went further to ‘yab’ Tonto Dike because of her association with D’Banj lately. Part of the lyrics is produced below..
“Oga Titus is too pompous, you wan try us, now money don lost, boys are very big boys, you don fuck up, you wan form boss, kasala don burst, where is oga Titus
You take night bus to come Lagos, you go campus, girl are very surplus, you no hint us, you wan com flex, now money don loss……

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