Wednesday, January 14, 2015

She’s troublesome, says ruler accused of assaulting wife

 The Baale (leader) of Ikola Ilumo Community, Chief Abeeb Lawal, who was accused of assaulting his wife, has said the woman, Bose, is jealous and troublesome.The chief was alleged to have stabbed the woman in the back during the encounter.

But Lawal, who has two wives, denied the allegation, claiming that his wife got the injuries on her body from a glass-made door.

Punch Metro gathered that there had been a strain in the relationship between the couple prior to the incident which happened on January 1.

It was learnt that Lawal, who heads Ikola Ilumo Community in the Meiran area of the state, was with his mother on the balcony of his house on the fateful day, receiving a call when Bose came in to greet the elderly woman.

The chief reportedly signalled to the mother of one to lower her voice which he claimed was distracting his attention. She was said to have ignored the directive, leading to the alleged assault.

Our correspondent learnt that Lawal was arrested after the incident was reported at the Meiran Police Station. He was, however, released on bail the same day.

He said,
“I had four wives but two have left. Bose is currently the senior wife. If I buy things for her and my junior wife, she won’t be satisfied. She does not want to see me with any other woman.
“She doesn’t give me due regard being the head of the house. She goes to parties without my permission. When her behaviour became unbearable, I abandoned her for eight months. In fact, I have decided to divorce her because I am fed up.
“That fateful day, I was on a very important call when she started making a noise. I signalled to her to lower her voice, but she refused. I just threw a plastic chair. Unfortunately, it hit her and she was slightly injured.
“I begged her. My mother, visitors and neighbours also pleaded with her, but she did not listen. She abused and chased me around the house, but I did not touch her.
“I later decided to go to my office to let peace reign. While I was there, I was called that she had injured her back on a glass door while she was resisting those who were trying to calm her.“I went to her family house and begged her to no avail. It was a friend of mine in London, who called me that he saw my wife’s picture online.”

When contacted on the phone, Bose was reluctant to speak with our correspondent.

She said,
 “It is true we had a misunderstanding, but the matter is already with the police.”
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, said the case was being investigated, adding that the chief would be charged to court.

“The chief was released on bail and investigation has commenced on the matter. He will be charged to court as soon as the judicial workers call off their strike,” he said.

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