Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Graphic Photos: See How Brazilian Miss BumBum Damaged Her Body Just to Have A Big Butt

A model whose bottom came second in Brazil's Miss BumBum beauty contest has revealed the terrible harm plastic surgery wreaked on her body.
Andressa Urach, 27, spent a month in intensive care and feared she would lose her leg after fillers 'rotted' her muscles and had to be removed, triggering a life-threatening infection.
These photos show the shocking extent of the damage to one of the most controversial TV presenters in Brazil - a nation which has overtaken the U.S. to become the cosmetic surgery capital of the world.

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Terrible toll: Brazilian TV presenter Andressa Urach, a runner up in Brazil's Miss BumBum competition, has revealed the terrible damage wreaked on her body by plastic surgery after wounds in her thigh were infectedDamage: The sobering, graphic photos show gaping holes in Miss Urach's thighs, all in the name of beautyThe 27-year-old suffered from septic shock after wounds from a procedure last July became infectedSlow going: The recovery from sepsis acts as a warning to the millions of Brazilians having plastic surgery

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