Saturday, November 01, 2014

Lagos Is The Worst Place To Visit On Earth – Expert Traveller, Lee Abbamonte

Many of us say, “That was the worst place in the world!” But really: How many of us truly have the authority to say that? Lee Abbamonte does. According to the writer( Lee Abbamonte ) a travel expert, he says Lagos is the worst place he has ever visited on planet earth. He is described as “the youngest American to visit all 193 member nations of the United Nations.”

Read what he says about Lagos below

“As far as I am concerned, Lagos, Nigeria, is the worst place on planet Earth. I’ve never experienced so much corruption in my life. It was just a horrific experience getting into the country. Crossing in from Benin, we got shaken down by the border guards. In addition to the multiple police shakedowns, the multiple ATM issues were enough for me; three times in two days, the machines dispensed the wrong amount of money. It was oppressive and hot. I couldn’t tell you one good thing about that place.”


Anonymous said...

That's in his opinion,we might look in d same direction but we all see differently

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Mr. Lee for your candid opinion. I was born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria.I left the coutry 21 years ago and never returned! The endemic corruption in Nigeria is inexplicable...Lagos is chaotic , dangerous, polluted,and more than worst living place on Earth!