Friday, November 21, 2014

A Satanist cut his friend's neck open and splashed blood over himself

 A Satanist cut his friend's neck open, splashed blood over himself then called police and sat cross-legged looking at a photograph of Hitler until they arrived.Robert Hej, 37, was arrested after calling police in the northern Serbian town of Becej and telling them 'Come over, I've massacred him'.

When police arrived they found the blood-soaked corpse of Tibor Lucic, 50, lying on the floor, and Hej sitting cross-legged beside him surrounded by candles and looking at a photograph of Hitler. Mirror reports ...A former friend of Hej, Niksa Brkic, 40, said:

 'He was completely obsessed with Hitler, the Holocaust and the Devil.He sort of worshipped them all in equal measure.He used to take photographs of himself posing alongside a photo of Hitler and he belonged to a satanic cult.To be frank, he was a very disturbing and scary man. He often talked about carrying out a ritual slaughter, but I never believed he actually meant it.I broke off my friendship with him after he started talking crazy like this even more often. I didn't want to know or associate with him.'

A police spokesman said:

'There were three other people at his apartment on the night of the murder, but they left leaving just him and the victim.From what we understand, they were all involved in some form of ritual in which Hej later decided Lucic would be sacrificed after it did not initially seem to go as planned.It is unlikely that the victim was aware of what was happening until too late.'
Hej now faces life in jail.

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