Friday, November 07, 2014

Wildlife Filmmaker To Be Eaten Alive By Anaconda For Television

New Jersey native Rosolie, who first ventured into the Amazon jungles of Peru at just 18, claims he's an advocate of conservation and not, it appears, just a shill for television ratings
A naturalist who created a snake-proof suit will allow himself to be swallowed alive by an anaconda for an upcoming television special.In Eaten Alive, filmmaker Paul Rosolie intends to don the bulky suit and then willingly feed himself the Amazonian serpent, the largest of which can measure 30 feet long.

The Discovery Channel special, which won’t air until December 7, has already drawn the ire of animal lovers who call the stunt an act of ‘animal abuse to the highest degree.’ 26-year-old Rosolie disagrees.’If u know me – I would never hurt a living thing,’ Rosolie tweeted. But you’ll have to watch to find out how it goes down!’

Rosolie, who’s been dubbed the ‘Indiana Jones of the Amazon,’ specializes in the Amazon and his website bio says his experience also covers ‘locations in India, Indonesia, Brazil and Peru.Experienced or not, some have called for Discovery to cancel Rosolie’s show altogether. A petition to that effect sprung up and is close to its goal of 500 signatures.

‘This is animal abuse to the highest degree and absolutely disgusting, and could kill the snake – an adult green anaconda cannot fit the width of an adult man’s shoulders into it’s body,’ reads the petition.
Constrictors like anacondas and pythons crush their meals to death before swallowing them. While there are many unverified accounts of the snakes killing humans, it's unlikely a full-grown man could so easily be swallowed by one of the snakes
Something to snack on? Anacondas usually eat wild pigs, deer, capybaras and caiman

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