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Why I killed my step-daughter – Woman

Moshood n aminat killer
One Aminat Akani has been arrested for drowning a four-year-old child, Nofisat, the only daughter of her lover, Moshood Mubo. The 24-year-old suspect told Sun news that she killed the baby to teach her lover a lesson. She ac­cused him of getting her pregnant without providing for her and her child, Yussuf.

Born and bred in Ibadan, Oyo State, Ami­nat was said to have lured her lover’s two kids, Nofisat and Lateef, to her house in the Orile area of Lagos when her lover and fa­ther of her only child, Yussuf refused to give her money for the recent sallah celebration.

Realising that Nofisat was dead under a cir­cumstance yet to be proved, she disposed of her and proceeded to Lagos Island with La­teef. She was arrested on October 9, 2014 by the police when relatives, who knew that the children were missing, spotted her in the mar­ket while she was about to sell off the second child, Lateef.

“I am a hairdresser. I normally go to Isale Eko to make hair at the hairdressers stand. This was where I met Moshood in 2011. He is the dream of every woman and naturally I was attracted to him, and he was so generous. I do not need to come to the market regularly because he was always providing me enough money. He told me that he is married but as a muslim that he is entitled to marry more than one wife.

“I was happy to have found a man who loves me, that was why I had sex with him without condom. Months later, I got pregnant. Initially, he was not happy about it, but later promised to marry me which he never did till date.

“My parents were furious, but he assured them that he would come and perform the marriage rites as soon as he gets money. It was then I realised that this man who had been spending money on me was not actually rich. He was barely surviving from the pro­ceeds of his shop,” Aminat narrated.

Since the damage (getting pregnant) has been done, Aminat had no choice but to re­sign to her fate and bear the child. “It was too late to abort the child, so I decided to man­age what was on ground. He rented a room for me at Orile. Things got worse as he could hardly give me the normal amount of money that he gave me while we were dating. I even had to start visiting his house, so that his wife, Fumilayo will know that I am also part of the family. This was how I became familiar with two of his children, Lateef and Nofisat. He was living like a big man in a well furnished house while I was isolated and neglected. After the birth of my baby, Yusuf who is two years old, I did everything humanly possible for him to come and pay my bride price so that I can move in and live with him but he refused. I even tried to lure him to have sex with me so that I can get pregnant but he was avoiding me completely. He abandoned us in Orile and hardly sends money for our upkeep.

“I had to work hard to maintain myself and our son, Yusuf. I was so sad because he had spoilt my chances of getting married to another man. On October 3, 2014 which was a day before the Ileya festival, I called him to request for money to celebrate the festival. He told me that he did not have money, even to buy a new cloth for his son, Yusuf. I was so angry and moved over to his house at Church Street later in the evening. Although he saw me with my son, he went ahead to ask me to go home that he does not have a dime for me and my son. It’s his flesh and blood, so why should he abandon us?”, she asked.

Embittered, Aminat devised a means of getting back at her lover, Moshood. “I saw the kids outside and since they knew me, I told them that I was to take them to market to buy Ileya clothes for them. They gladly followed me. I wanted to teach their father a lesson he will never forget in a hurry. I was happy that he was moving up and down and spend­ing money looking for the children. I wanted him to spend that money that he refused to give me. I was still planning to return the kids when on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 I real­ised that Nofisat was no longer breathing.

“I was terrified because I knew that I would be termed a murderer. I had to com­pose myself and throw her dead body into a pool of water in our area. The story should be that she got drowned.”
Grateful to God that she has got rid of the dead child, Aminat decided to also get rid of Lateef who is about 7 years old. “Even if I returned Lateef home, he would tell them that Nofisat was with us and I will be arrested. I decided to move him to CMS and sell him. We were at CMS when one woman recog­nised Lateef and started shouting. I was ar­rested and taken to Adeniji Adele police sta­tion.
“I am sorry, although my plea will not bring back Nofisat. I took them away to teach Moshood a lesson. Why was he taking care of Nofisat and Lateef while my son was suf­fering as a result of neglect? My anger was that if he knew that I was not good enough for him, why did he get me pregnant? I am happy that Moshood is not ready to follow up this case which means that I will soon be released. Fumilayo should learn to forgive me so that God will give her another child to replace the one that is dead. I am sorry”, she pleaded.

Asked if her family was aware of the inci­dent, Aminat said that her father is aware and has been pleading with Moshood to withdraw the case.

Confirming the incident, Lagos State police command spokesman, DSP Kenneth Nwosu said that the suspect will be charged to court at the end of investigation.

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