Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ruggedman says he has a crush on Monalisa Chinda

In an interview with Encomium magazine,Rapper Ruggedman denied reports that he's dating actress Halima Abubakar & Monalisa Chinda.

He said:

:"You see they always hook me with someone. The same way they hooked me with Maheeda because she wore my cloth for a photo shoot. Before, they said I was dating Maheeda but now it is Monalisa.  I am not dating Halima Abubakar also. I have spoken about my relationship with her. We are not dating but trust me, I am in a relationship but not with someone in the industry.

Asked all of the ladies he has been romantically linked, which of them he has a crush on, Rugged said

"I would have loved Monalisa Chinda. Have you seen her live? She is so fresh"

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