Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Suspect Confesses That Bankers,House Helps, Drivers Assist Them To Hack Accounts

Afam Nriezedi,  a member of a syndicate that hacks into Nigerian bank accounts with the assistance of bankers and domestic helps, has been arrested by detectives attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Ikeja, Lagos State Police Command.In a confessional statement, the suspect said that the first bank he hacked into was the branch of Union Bank located at Oba Akran in Ikeja, Lagos State. He
claims banks like GTBANK, UBA, First Bank, Ecobank, Diamond Bank, Fidelity Bank, Access Bank and virtually other banks have fallen victim to their group.
“There’s no bank in Nigeria we did not hack into.” he mumbled

"I got into the job through my friend called Seyi Lewis. He is currently in London. Seyi is my childhood friend. We grew up together. He said he was a businessman.  When I asked what sort of business he was into, he said account hacking. He said that was the latest business in town.
Back then I used to supply people shoes. I told him that I wouldn’t mind joining. He then put me through how to do the bank business at his Surulere, Lagos home. He lived at Aguda, on Adetola Street.
I learnt the trade for six months before I was allowed to begin operating with them."

Further relaying his first attempt, Nriezedi said: “It was just small money I collected. The money was not even up to N200,000. I think it was just ninety something thousand into two different places. My second attempt was another old generation bank.”
He said that the syndicate needed insiders in banks to be able to perfect the crime.

His words: “It has to do with team work! Once the job comes, you have to call your contacts. These contacts will start assisting you in searching for a bank worker, working in the bank you want to penetrate.”

Revealing the modus operandi, the suspect said: “This is how it works: if somebody brings your cheque, I’ll call any of our contacts. I’ll say I have a cheque for this or that bank. I’ll ask if they have somebody in that bank. Let’s say the cheque is that of First Bank or UBA, they’ll begin to make calls, to get an insider in the bank. To get such an insider is not by one-person organisation.

Once someone locates a contact, I’ll text the account number on the cheque to the contact, who will send it to the bank worker. The bank worker is the insider. Most times the cheques are from houseboys, housemaids and drivers. It is mostly from people who work in the victim’s home.”

Nriezedi added that everyone collects his or her share once the deal is done.

Source : New Telegraph

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