Friday, February 13, 2015

Nude Photo of Breastfeeding Women Deleted by Facebook After Men reported it as Obscene

 A photographer has expressed her displeasure after her photo of breastfeeding women was deleted  from Facebook after male detractors reported them as obscene.
Jade Beall, who's been photographing the female form for 15 years, says she posted her shot of seven nude women with their nipples and genitals blurred.She told Cosmopolitan 

'I received many private messages (all from men) telling me I should remove the photo,'When someone, likely one of these men, realized she'd missed blurring one nipple, the photo was taken down.
Do I think it's silly that men can have exposed nipples but women cannot as a rule for this platform? Sure, she says. 'But what I would love most is for Americans to redefine their relationship to a woman's breasts and to praise and celebrate the nude, varying body shapes without having to label them disgusting or unhealthy.'
Another pic after the cut........

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