Wednesday, October 10, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Late MKO Abiola Daughter Bags £100k From BBC Show Dragon Den

Late MKO Abiola Daughter Dupsy Abiola bags £100k for 40 per cent of her company on popular BBC Show Dragon Den.
Former barrister Dupsy came to the den to look for an investor to invest in her business intern
The site is a job site where companies come to look for revolutionise qualified student and graduate for their company.
Dupsy wanted £100k in order to commence her business to the next level. When asked what led her to build this platform. She said; she was an employed barrister who was asked to look for graduate to fill two positions in the law firm. Also, at that time her younger sister a super star has graduated from University and could not find a job. She said spent hours looking for a job for her sister and was found that a gap in the recruitment sector and decided to take the opportunity and she build her website.
Dupsy certainly made a good first impression in the den. When asked about her family life. She said her father was her inspiration.
Dupsy left with the cash she needs and an influential multimillionaire dragon on board

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