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K1 opens up- My wife knows Titi Masha is pregnant for me and she is not complaining.Gbenga Islander is my friend and he's happily married...

Few things affect a man more than falling in love and Fuji lord, K1 De Ultimate proved that his image matters. K1, as he’s fondly called, has penchant for constructive argument and    very creative in engaging the media whenever he senses a bad press.
Recently, a section of the media went to town with tales of his romance with delectable, Titi Masha, from the respaectable Eshilokun’s family of Lagos, which has drawn shades of opinions, facts and fictions. To respond, he had a parley with a posse of journalists including E24-7 MAGAZINE’S BIODUN KUPOLUYI last Wednesday in his sprawling Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State country home  The love-struck music maestro with over 80-long playing albums to his credit and appearances in major stages around the world with rave reviews in music journals, magazines and newspapers, apparently concerned about what millions of his fans and admirers globally would think about him and his actions made the best impression of the situation, of his newly found love, Titi and wait to hear this, his wife, Yewande,  who called during the interview and KI told her he was fielding questions from journalists on his relationship with Titi. To our chagrin, she welcomed the idea and advised him to handle it maturely. For the sake of love, steely K1 became a softer version of his former self- a love doctor, a romance merchant.

Waxing philosophical, and spiritual, his views clearly point to the fact that he’s a man who is in love.  His goal, he said is to keep his family intact and respect the women involved especially Yewande, who he said did not complain about the new woman in his life.  Excerpts.

How did your wife, Yewande take the news that you are having a baby from another woman?

I think that’s how God wants it and I have come to accept  my fate , and that my thinking and expectations have got to where I’m spending the rest of my life with her.… She did not complain, not that she took it like that but we  have had our private moment  and I  have asked  her if there could  be anything  that  I have done or  would do as a mistake  what would be her reactions,  she said the question is  since she  truly loves me, she will stick to it. That has been what keeps us together till today because she believes that is what she has said to her God, she has vowed that she will be spending the rest of her life with me, it is now my duty to know truly well that she deserves more respect and I never planned that   I will  be a man that will be parading two women at the same time but here we are.  So, the truth of the matter  is I should not spit on her face, I should not throw it back to her like she doesn’t know what she’s doing while you and I know that she truly knows what she’s doing. She has concluded in her mind that she has found a friend, a man, a companion and she does not think she will be moving from one point to the other, so definitely,  I have a big job to do on that, so also Titi, she knows very well because I never lied to her about Yewande, I don’t expect her to be a magician to know what is happening in my house but the truth of the matter is that I sat her down and let her into my life. She weighed the options as well, knowing fully well that I truly care for her. You see, one thing I understand about women is their choice.  I have listened and read many stories about women who were raped or forced to submit themselves to men, and found out that no matter how much you try to molest them, some could not be raped because they will fight using either their nails, teeth or anything to keep themselves, they will fight for their lives just like the ram does when it’s to be slaughtered, so if the man succeeded that means he’s lucky but not all men in all cases. So, a woman knows what she wanted at every point in time and when she finds one, she goes for it.

Did you seek to marry Titi or decided to marry her when the issue of pregnancy came up?
Oh, my God!  Honestly I wanted it, it was my plan.

How did your children react when they heard about the development, how did they take it?
I thank God I have a wonderful family, maybe one of these days I will invite you guys to my home , my children are here, (seated) Femi and Sekinat (within earshot) . The way I raise my children if I play with them in your presence you will never know they are not all from the same mother, they live together they love themselves and relate very well with one another likewise me, their father.

Besides these two women, Yewande and Titi, are there any other women in your life?
I pray to Almighty  God that  I find peace and joy in this one because I found peace in Yewande and  it’s my commitment  and understanding of what Titi truly had for me  that left me with  no option than to  show that  I love her. My family is fine, and I’m not looking forward to get any woman again.  And if one is to judge on peace, I have the peace of mind with Yewande which might not even prompt me to have any other wife but it’s my commitment, my destiny. If a man is destined to have seven wives, he will not stop at three or four.

There are insinuations that Titi was initially a lover of your close friend, Gbenga  Akinbobola popularly known as Gbenga Islander?
I will say something, though I have said it before, do not judge a woman, whatever a woman does, do not judge her,  It’s only  a woman that can say ‘this is my husband’, a man cannot say this is my wife. I have always said something: if I left home for a show and I kissed or hugged my wife before  I said goodbye  and drove off,  but while on stage at  the function if  I saw my wife in the same Aso-Ebi’s dress  as other guests and she walked into the party with another man, I won’t be surprised.

Thank you, I won’t be surprised because I have said it several times that, it’s only a woman that can point to the legitimate father of her child. The fact that  a woman that I  left  at home  came to the  party where I am performing  does not warrant me  or would make me to stop music or the job I have been paid to do. I won’t jump down from the stage and challenge her that what is she doing at the party?  She is doing what pleases her at that moment, the best one could do is to be calm, let the drama unfolds. If the man is so bold to walk up to me and give me  his and her names  to praise sing them  as long as she has chosen to be by his side, I will do it,  in fact,  I will sing their praises very well  as long has she has the audacity to stay in the party and even dance. At that point then you will know she has said it all. There was a time I  had a  girl friend and I was if by any chance I left a woman at home and I discovered at the show that she came with another man and the guy has the guts to walk up to me and say this is my wife I have no reason to object but one thing I will be holding is this:  it is either she has packed her bags and baggage before I got home or I will ask her what is she still doing in my house?  I won’t fight her but she will leave that home in a peaceful manner. I will tell you another thing:  I can’t go out and start pointing fingers that this or that woman was my friend or ex.  ‘One man’s food is another man’s poison.’  I have  many women who have been  my friends when I was  not even so famous and  was  still searching for a perfect one to be  my wife then. I have taken women to my shows that when they got there and other men would talk to them they will go with such men.  I think they must have seen that those men were better than Wasiu or so.  So many of my women have eloped with other men and if am to see them again, it’s either they were pregnant or carrying a child. At that point, all  I just have to do is  understand and behave,  I don’t think  I should  start to shout that she’s my runaway girlfriend,  no, it’s not done that way. A man do not proclaim the right of  over a woman when she hasn’t said  so, because it’s only a woman that can tell and if she denies you that means you are doomed. And if she does that, she is telling you that the market is open to others then who are you to force her that the market is not open? The summary is this:  Titi might have dated Gbenga before, yes.  Gbenga is my friend and I know him very well, Gbenga will not come out and say proudly tha “yes, I’m dating Titi.”

He is happily married to his wife and blessed with children.  He has a happy family. Gbenga and I talk every time, he’s my close pal, and we should not make a story out of this. The fact that a woman has dated a man before doesn’t mean we should crucify her if she finds herself a new love.  I have Gbenga’s understanding that he’s truly a family man.  We should not call a dog a bad name just because we want to hang it.  Titi is from a solid family background, Gbenga’s family and I are very close. Gbenga and I belong to the same club; we have what we call Squad 1. We are very much together, Squad 1 includes him, myself, Lekan Oshifeso, Shina Peller,  Rotimi Ajanaku and Bolaji Esho (Eldorado).

Before the story broke did Gbenga know?
Gbenga knew before the story broke, we’ve discussed it between ourselves, Gbenga is my close friend, like I said, how many women  do you want me to  point at that I have dated and are now happily married to  a couple of my friends?  I mean women taken from Wasiu who were at one time or the other my girlfriends. But honestly speaking, this is not an issue; the fact that she finds love somewhere does not mean we should crucify her.

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