Friday, October 26, 2012

PHOTOS: Naomi Campbell's Russian billionaire boyfriend builds her a house that looks like a spaceship

Naomi Campbell's Russian billionaire boyfriend is so keen to have his loved one close to him, that he has built her a house in Moscow.
And not just any house. The building located just outside the Russian city features a futuristic style, and many believe it looks like a spaceship.

Ready for lift-off: The house features dynamic views overlooking the forest
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In a galaxy far, far away: The house looks just a quirky on the inside

The unusual house, which is dubbed Capital Hill, looks like it could be a tool to take over the universe, both on the exterior and the interior.
Russian entrepreneur Vladislav Doronin has been dating the British supermodel since 2008, and reportedly plans to live in the mansion after they get married.
It features gigantic glass panels, smooth curves and extremely tall ceilings.
The 2,650 square meter house will have many luxuries, including a Finnish spa in the basement, a Turkish bath and a Russian bath where the 42-year-old supermodel can pamper herself.

Taking over the universe together: Naomi Campbell's new house in Moscow, build by her billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin, is definitely one of a kind

Campbell Enterprises: The house is shaped like a spaceship from TV's Star Trek

Of course, it also has its own gym and indoor swimming pool that can reportedly turn into a dance floor should the couple want to entertain guests in the evenings.
Two large white towers are situated on top of the building, about 20 metres above the ground, which are said to be the couple's bedroom.
The house that resembles something out of TV's Star Trek is surrounded by a pine forrest, so the lovebirds will be ensured some privacy.

Inside the spaceship: The house is said to have its own gym, pool and spa

Cosy night in: The home features a futuristic style both inside and outside

Something out of a science fiction movie: Architect Zaha Hadid is known for her quirky style

Family home: The couple have been together for four years and are rumoured to be tying the knot soon

E.T. phone home? It looks like a set for a new sci-fi movie, but it really is Naomie Campbell's new home

It's not the first time Naomi's lover has built her a house. Last year, he bought her a vacation house in Turkey which looked just as unusual as the new mansion.
And Vladislav clearly has a penchant for odd looking buildings. The vacation home is situated on one of Turkish islands has 25 rooms and is shaped like an Egyptian eye.
Bond style: The private couple enjoyed a night out at the Skyfall premiere in London earlier this week
The private couple enjoyed a night out at the Skyfall premiere in London earlier this week

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