Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What is it like for you when you have an orgasm? What are the physical sensations? What do you feel?

Linda asked this question on her blog-What is it like for you when you have an orgasm? What are the physical sensations? What do you feel? and the question was directed to the Men..
I was able to read the comments and i found some of the them very funny and Hilarious.I was laughing really hard lol.
Please read some of the comments below

  • what a climax feels like? A giant fist squeezing your balls. A delicious throb in your groin followed by reckless jerking as you gasp and sigh and groan... then release, and roll over and fall asleep. Lol!

  • The feeling when am climaxing is amazing.....It's a kind of sensation that has no draws you in and in and in....until I pour out the AKAMU.After that, the feeling changes to another kind of tingling sensation that crawls through my brain...When it happens,I don't want my banana to be touched.....And as the banana relapses, Sleep comes.....then serious snoring.And she hates it so much.....
  • When I have Climax, I want to SLEEP and be left alone.
  • Well I am a lady but I go comment from experience of my Well its not the same feeling all the time but when its very sweet he would be vibrating!lol. He would be calling my name and be pounding me harder (hez very big o) so my vagina will opening and closing, he would clutch to my body and infact start speaking in tongues. Then I would be hearing "aahhh baby ur pussy is so sweet! I love u baby" infact nothing gives a woman more joy than knowing you satisfy ur man at all times. After his climax he would try and satisfy me too and we would both be on top of d world. Its a wonderful experience I swear! God bless marriages cuz na sweet thing.
  • I feel like... Please don't stop it.... Don't stop.... Don't just stop.... Well it always stop.Though the best thing that ever happen to me is when am climax-ing. Lol.
  • the feeling is best described like this...pee held up in the bladder cumming out in a short burst...the relief and sensation is magical
  • To be frank,when i climax i'm likely disliking d beauty or beast that did helped to,n full of unexplainable thots,especially if i dont really like d person,deep in me i'm feeling i got her,but with my special person,i let me rest n want love more after..i'm sure same like me,MEN feel same,d other person feel like shit after for d moments been,then later lust covers for that after few moments..I LOVE MA WIFE THOU#WINK

  • That must be a lot of tension. Coz sometime the kinda "sounds" my boo makes atimes scary...

  • I am a woman,I love watching my husband climaxing. cos watching him shaking,turning his head up& down,moaning oh dee am coming now or oh my god am comiinnng now,or my dear am coming now GOSH gives me more satisfaction & I smile & hold him so tightly n kiss him so deep.then d next minute his snuring.

  • When I climax I just feel like giving d girl hot slaps!! She just suddenly become repulsive to me! Whether she fine or not...
  • A good climax for me comes when am rodding a beautiful well endowed chick. The feeling is like ur skull is vibrating and ur body seems to shake with spasms of pleasurable sensation. Just before d cum, every stroke of ur rod against that blessed hole is amplified. There is a sense of clarity in mind. The world seems sooooo beautiful....u don't want this feeling to end. The tip of ur proboscis is tingling...oh is she moaning? Gush!!! That's the point where u can't hold back the semen anymore....pooof...spray the stuff all over like rambo!!!! Hehehehe.... On a more serious note, that's the most pleasant thing a man can get...better than a gillete Mach 3
  • Imagine you are travelling from Lagos to Ibadan, as you leave tollgate piss catch you, but your driver no gree stop. You hold the thing for close to two hours sotay you wan quench. As you reach Ibadan you jump comot from motor, enter bush.The relief you feel as you unleash ya bladder na the same thing..
  • Hello Linda...My name is Chantel. I like your blog although as a Spanish American,I don't understand everything that us being said here.It's interesting to read all these comments.My fiancee is Ibo from Biafra,Nigeria.I have a question: What is CHINEKE MUOOOO. That's what he shouts out anytime he is climaxing.I have asked him what that means but he wouldn't tell me.He always says...CHINEKE Muooo, and then quietly says, Oh Lord Jesus...once he finishes.
  • The energy a man uses in making love to his wife is enough to run round an olympic size stadium 8 we feel tired like we just did...however, the estacy cant really be expressed in words...

  • it starts from that last toe nail, the smallest one and starts coming up slowly....the sensation at this point is second to non. imagine forcing something thick through a small hole, there will be pain but this pain is the sweet type that hold ur whole body ransom for like 6sec, thats where the jerking and the uncoordinated body movement starts....funny though. in general sweet feeling.

  • Its d sweetest tin in life, even sweeter dan beans/plantain. At dat point, if U̶̲̥̅̊ c an angel abt blowing d trumpet, U̶̲̥̅̊ will tell d angel 2 wait so dat U̶̲̥̅̊ can cum 1st.

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girlie girl said...

very funny !!!

Queen B said...

hhihiihihihi Tee please dnt kill us....that CHINEKE MUOOOO part is so sweet. lmao............