Friday, October 26, 2012

Police beg family of slain girl for settlement

Lucy Ukpong
The police have pleaded with the family of Lucy Ukpong, Lucy, a sales girl at a photography shop in Apo, Abuja who was hit in the chest by bullets allegedly fired by policemen from the FCT Special Anti-robbery Squad on October 12. Three others sustained gunshot wounds during the incident.The 20-year-old girl was inside the shop when she was killed by policemen who had come to enforce the order on demolition of illegal structures by officials of development control department.
The deceased had only spent a month on her job before the incident.It was gathered that the parents of the deceased and other relations had met with some police officers over the killing of the girl, but the meeting was not conclusive on how the matter should be settled.It was learnt that the family were considering settling the matter through judicial process or payment of compensation by the police.This revelation came just just as the family had concluded arrangements to collect Lucy’s remains from Garki Hospital on Friday (today) for burial in Akwa Ibom State on Saturday.
Do you think the family should accept settlement or not?

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