Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rapper Diddy involved in an accident in Beverly Hills (photos)

Crushed: The front of Diddy's luxury car was badly smashed up following the collision in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel on Wednesdauy

Diddy was left lying injured on the ground on Wednesday after his SUV was crashed in a dramatic car accident.
Pictures show the rapper, real name Sean Combs, slumped on the floor as he recovered after his chauffeur-driven Cadillac Escalade collided with a Lexus RX vehicle.
Diddy's luxury vehicle was left crushed and undriveable, and had to be towed away after the smash at the Beverly Hills hotel in Los Angeles on Wednesday.
The windscreen was smashed and the front of the car caved in. The airbags were activated and parts of the vehicle littered the ground.
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Recovering: Diddy lies on the floor after the crashInjured: Rapper Diddy was left slumped on the ground after a dramatic car accident involving his SUV and one other vehicle in Los Angeles on Wednesday

Taking down their particulars: A motorcycle officer chatted with Diddy and the drivers following their crash in Beverly Hills

Getting a tow: The vehicle was seen being prepared to be taken away to a local scrap yard or garage

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