Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lola Alao replies Bisi Ibidapo-Obe over pregnancy scandal- says she is not normal

During an interview with e24 magazine, Bisi Ibidapo speaks about the father of her unborn baby, Dino Melaye.She also mentioned that her friend Lola Alao was the one the one who introduced her to Dino.Lola has finally come out to speak on the matter after her long silence on the pregnancy scandal.
Please read her exclusive interview with e23 magazine below
Can you tell me what you know about this Dino Melaye and Bisi Ibidapo-Obe’s pregnancy matter and your involvement?  
The truth is just that I have never dated Dino and I will never date Dino, because Dino is like a brother from another mother, do you understand and Dino has helped a lot of people both male and female through me, like may be when they went to Abuja and were stranded, I will call Dino to render a helping hand and he will, he loves artistes and you know, he’s close to over 70 per cent of Nigerian artistes. He’s a very nice person but it is quite unfortunate that this is happening, as for Bisi, I leave Bisi and I to God to judge what happened between us. But note that I’m not dating Dino and I will never do such.

But she alleged you two (Lola and Dino) are dating?
She’s not normal. How will I date Dino, for what? Dino can’t date me now , we are too close to do such, Dino takes me as his sister, I take him as my brother  so we are open to one  each  other  very well.  I don’t even think if I’m naked before him he would make a move or tried to touch me because he’s my brother. God knows I’m telling you the truth there is nothing between Dino and me.   I just want to leave everything to God because if I have to say anything, the whole issue will be out of hands.
Don’t you think it’s high time you talked considering the allegation and your involvement?
I have said that I’m not going to talk  but my friends told me  keeping quite will mean consent, and since you are my friend , I will just say, I’m not dating Dino, I will never date Dino, I know she intend dating Dino so I will never Date Dino. Dino is like a brother from another, for me I don’t lie ooo because I don’t like running people down, I never intended to run Bisi down and I will never run her down.
But you introduced her to Dino?  
I’m not going to talk about it, because if I say anything that means I have started talking on the matter, if she’s not wise enough I should be.
What is your advice to Bisi at this point in time?  
 I don’t have anything to tell her or give as an advice to her. I will just say God will judge what transpired between Bisi and I and that’s if I intended to be wicked to her. That was what I told Dare, my ex-husband the other time and that is what I will tell Bisi now.
Don’t you think you should try to appeal to Dino on her behalf?  
I said God should come between   us on this matter. I never meant evil for her.  Though I have said that I won’t talk to anyone on this issue but people were like it will mean I was the one that fuelled the whole matter and you now silent may mean consent.  There was even this actor that went to Abuja for  visa , it was when he got there that he knew that he will still have to wait for another  two days, the guy called me and told me about his problem, the guy was worried.  I had to call Dino that day; he was the one that helped him out.  He helped the actor to get the visa, he also bought him ticket, and Dino did everything he could all because of me. Dino loves artistes, I know many artistes, my colleagues that use his cars when they visit Abuja. You know that he uses a customized plate number all he does is that he simply removes it and put another plate number so that people won’t know the car is his own. He is nice and has been very helpful.
Do you think he deserves all this noise about him?
He doesn’t deserve it though it’s unfortunate all these are happening, he’s a nice person.
Has he called you or you have called him since the matter broke out? No, I don’t even have the guts to call Dino; I’m ashamed to do so.
I know that at your movie premiere earlier this year, he promised you a donation of N10m, has he redeemed his pledge? Why do I have to announce that to the world if he has
But he announced his pledge to the gathering at the premiere?
 I don’t want to talk about it.

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