Thursday, December 04, 2014

Funny But Not Funny: Bank Robber caught while struggling to carry the heavy bag of cash

An armed robber has been arrested in China while trying to make his getaway - because the cash bag he stole was too heavy.

CCTV pictures show the 29-year old man struggling to load the bag onto his motorcycle in Huludao City in the northeast Liaoning Province.

The bag contained around 1.77 million Chinese Yuan, which is worth around £185,000, and weighed more than 13 stone.

The robber had used a replica gun to threaten a member of bank staff who was carrying the money from an armoured van into the bank building.

He was shot in the leg during his failed escape and is being treated in hospital.

Police say the man owns a shoe-repair shop and committed the crime in order to get enough money to be able pay his mortgage.

The robber said: "I hate myself for doing that. How could I do such a thing? I will treat my parents and my wife kindly if one day I'm let out of prison.”

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