Monday, December 22, 2014

Husband Snatching Drama: Lola Alao's Canadian Friend Snatches Her American Hubby.

The four people involved in this drama are Lola, Becky, Wale and Kola.According to sources,it is alleged that the crux of the matter as it is,is that tender hearted Lola who is close friends with Becky has had her hubby snatched and he is presently with the new love of his life whilst the actress is allegedly so embarrassed and trying to make sure the whisperings die down quickly...

Lola according to insiders,got married to Wale at a point when he was at his lowest'. They got hooked up by a friend when he was 'inside' and apparently, Lola showed concern for him and rallied round to ensure that he got enough love because of the peculiar situation he was in at that time....

Becky on the other hand had always called Lola's hubby, "uncle"...and she and Lola became very close and were allegedly like sister's but all that has come to an end.

 It is alleged that drama ensued when Becky, who is married to Kola (Princess Cynthia's ex hubby and father of her kids) suddenly called the police on him for a domestic dispute that they had. It was allegedly a less trivial issue and everyone wondered what warranted her to have the police arrest her husband and father of her 2 kids. It was close friends of Kola who bailed him ot of the police mess..
It was while Kola was detained that Becky and Wale got the chance to seal their relationship. Although they allegedly managed the illicit affair from a distance, albeit coded,because Wale lives in America and Becky in Canada,but right now,all that has changed as Wale is with Becky in Canada or he is probably on a very long visit. 

An insiders says ''Everyone in Canada is shocked because no one saw this coming especially as Becky and Lola are very close, more like sisters and no one understands why she had to disgrace Kola and have him escorted out of the house....

Insiders Allege that Lola Alao is still in shock and utterly embarrassed by this development because she didnt see this coming,especially from someone who was like a sister to her and to cap it all,Becky and Wale are no longer hiding their affair as they make public appearances together and are seen at functions all over Canada.

I placed a call to Becky's estranged hubby Kola on Friday December 19,2014to confirm if indeed he was thrown out by Becky,he picked the call and said

''I got a call before and i dont know what you people are talking about,I really dont know and I have nothing to say...''

It was not a friendly call and he dropped the phone on me (lol).

The gist is currently the talk of town in the state where Becky resides in Canada.

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