Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Chief Raymond Dokpesi resigns as chairman DAAR Communications Plc, son takes over

Nigeria broadcasting outfit, Daar Communications Plc, owners Raypower and African Independent Television, AIT, DAAR Sat and Faaji FM now has a new chairman.

At the end of the company’s 5th Annual General Meeting, held in Abuja on Friday, Chief Raymond Aleogho-Dokpesi, announced that he is stepping down as the chairman of the company. The shareholders therefore approve the appointment of his son, Chief Raymond Paul Dokpesi Jnr as the new chairman of the company.

The junior Dokpesi was before his appointment, one of the executive directors of Daar Communications.

He is a graduate of Business Management of the Kings College London and also obtained Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Lagos and a Master Degree from the University of Westminster.

Source: Pm News

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