Monday, October 06, 2014

Woman Spends Over £60,000 To Create World’s Hairiest Car

Woman Spends Over £60,000 To Create World's Hairiest Car
A hair stylist has achieved a new Guinness World Record by covering her car entirely in human hair.

Maria Lucia Mugno, 44, spent over 150 hours sewing the strands of hair to both the interior and exterior of her vehicle to take the title for the world’s hairiest car.Despite originally winning the title in 2010, the Italian added a further 20kg of hair to her furry Fiat to set a new record.

Sculpted into the shape of butterfly wings, Ms Mugno and her art assistant, Valentino Stassano, hope that the additional hair will serve as a symbol of freedom and peace in the world.

Woman Spends Over £60,000 To Create World's Hairiest Car
Chosen for its durability, Ms Mugno prefers to use hair imported from India as it is much stronger than that of its European counterpart.

But as most women know, buying hair extensions can be a costly process and the car is now estimated to be worth a staggering £60,000.

Despite the car being more of a show piece, Ms Mugno still drives it on a regular basis and can even be seen nipping to the shops in her furry Fiat.

But the mother-of-two knows the importance of a well kept barnet and admits that she sometimes gives the car a little brush to make sure its looking its best.

Ms Mugno set about making her unusual creation, after a friend bet her that she couldn’t do it.

However, she managed to prove him wrong and has since reclaimed her title as the Queen of all things hairy.
Woman Spends Over £60,000 To Create World's Hairiest Car

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