Friday, October 10, 2014

Wild Pets: Couple Shares Their Home with A Tiger And Hollywood Star Actress Melanie Griffith Who Lives With A Lion (photos)

Nice kitty: Michael Jamison and girlfriend Jackie Smit bottle feed their one-year-old pet Bengal tiger Enzo on the kitchen table at their home in Brakpan, South Africa
The couple share their home with the stripey diva - and 14 dogs.
They bought Enzo as a cute nine-week-old cub but a year later he has grown into a hulk after wolfing down 11lb of meat a day.In many ways Enzo is just like any other house cat: he likes attention, loves sleeping and can't wait to get his claws into the furniture.
But this adorable one-year-old is no common moggy. In fact, he's a 27-stone pet Bengal tiger who lives with Michael Jamison and his girlfriend Jackie Smit in Brakpan, South Africa.More pictures after the cut.....

Boys will be boys: Enzo does enjoy a bit of rough and tumble with Mr Jamison but getting body slammed by the 27-stone animal may not be quite as fun
Snooze: Miss Smit gets up close to Enzo as he does yet more dozing
Top cat: Enzo shares his home with no less than 14 pet dogs but it's clear who's the top cat
Now it's your turn: Enzo wolfs down his dinner... on top of the table
Snuggle: With one paw draped over Mr Jamison, Enzo sleeps soundly... next to the couple's bed
Counting sheep - or deer: Mr Jamison decides to let sleeping cats lie as he tucks into his dinner around Enzo
Pucker up: The tiger actually has his own bed slotted in next to the couple's own double, which shows signs of Enzo's handy work on the headboard
Put your foot in it: Mr Jamison play fights on the bed with little tyke Enzo who seems to have the upper pawPut your foot in it: Mr Jamison play fights on the bed with little tyke Enzo who seems to have the upper paw
Night in front of the box: Mr Jamison treats Enzo to a little back scratch as the pair watch some TV
Day tripper: At four months Enzo could still fit in the couple's Lamborghini but it would be a bit of a squeeze now
You're gonna need a bigger table: Mr Jamison feeds his tiger on the kitchen table
Below is the Hollywood star actress Melanie Griffith who has spent over 20 years of her life eating, swimming, sleeping and waking up with a lion. The lion named Neil was adopted by her parents from Anton Lavey, High Priest of the Church of Satan during one of their trips to Africa. Continue to see more amazing photos below

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