Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Best BBQ You'll Ever Have......Starboy Grill Catering Service!

Starboy Grill Catering Service is London most leading BBQ Service. Starboy's BBQ is well seasoned and perfectly prepared. Smoky, succulent, tender and finger-licking fabulous.They specialise in: Cocktail drinks, Suya, Asun, Smoke prawn, BBQ lobster, BBQ chicken.Their customer service is to die for, customers satisfaction is the number one priority at Starboy Grill Catering Service.Continue to see more pictures......

Meet the brain behind Starboy Grill catering service- Micky Hardex
Catering service also available

For more info contact :
Bbm pin : 7b953f00
Instagram :@starboymicky


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Hope d service is affordable

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Looks yummy

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Where are they located?