Thursday, October 16, 2014

#StupidQuestionPeopleAsk Is Trending on Twitter , read some hilarious ones

#StupidQuestionPeopleAsk are you crazy?
As if I would ever reply yes!

Lwkmd"@YouKnowBiBi: #stupidquestionpeopleask Wen sum1 call on land-line and asks where are you? in market with telephone around my neck

"Would you like a table?" ... "No, I came to the restaurant to eat on the ground, a carpet for 5 please." #stupidquestionpeopleask

"@Phemy_PsamueLz: #stupidquestionpeopleask,someone gives u a dirty hot slap,and u like,'Did u just slap Me?'..Uhn uhn that's a manual reset

#Stupidquestionpeopleask Dey c u coming out of the bathroom wet,yet dey ask "Did u jus hav ur bath? Ans no i fell into d toilet bowl

#StupidQuestionPeopleAsk sees me shivering and then asked me if am cold.. No idiot i put my body in vibration mode

#StupidQuestionPeopleAsk If i sleep over in your house hope nothing funny will happen?. we would be watching AKI and PAW PAW movie all night

#stupidQuestionPeopleAsk  Someone sees you lying down,with your eyes closed they still ask:-Are you sleeping? Answer:No! I'm training to die

Take this insecticide e dey kill insect fast...thanks bros. E DEY KILL MOSQUITOS 2 ABI?

#STUPIDquestionPEOPLEask Ur boyfrd comes home wit a bunch of flowers, n u stil ask, "Are those flowers?. Ans: No bby, they are carrots!

#Stupidquestionpeopleask u c pple queueing up in front of d atm box to withdraw..., Q: wots dis queue for? Ans: to enta BRT bus

#StupidQuestionpeopleAsk RT @Alarmeenn: Hey I saw you in the library what were you doing? Cultivating yam!mumu

We are all guilty of asking stupid questions LOL..Go on twitter to read more.

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