Thursday, October 09, 2014

Ronke Odusanya Reaches Out to SDK to Debunk Marriage Rumour And Tells Her Own Side Of The Story

Ronke Odusanya Press Statement On Husband Snatching Allegations.

''I knew Femi back in 2008 through a very close friend who was in America then and not through actress Liz da Silva as is being speculated.
When we met via phone, we got talking for while and I asked him what he does for a living and if he had a family,he told me he had children but was separated from his wife .

 I asked him why he was separated and he said things didn't work out between them .we became friends and talked a lot on the phone and he always had time talking to me even very late American time.

Gradually we got very close and I even met with his mum and siblings who lived in Lagos then but I still had my doubts about him then cos we had not seen each other eye to eye before and some men cannot be trusted .

One day,I got a message on my Facebook from a lady called FOLAPE SOKOYA and she asked me "do you know anyone called FEMI ANIBABA" and I said yes "he is my friend" and she went on to say "please stop talking to him cos he is my husband and I'm carrying his third child  " . I was very shocked and embarrassed, even though I had my doubts, I didn't expect that kind of story.

I immediately printed out the message and went to his people to show them and I called him and explained everything to him but he told me things were not going on well with both of them and asked me if I didn't wonder how he had so much time talking to me and that even if I called him anytime of the day he always picked my calls.

He said they both lived in the same house but each person minded his or her own business,when he was done I warned him never to call me again.

 Later in May 2012 I was in America and I received a mail from him saying he heard I was around and he would like to see me that he had issues to discuss with me,I refused to see him and he went on to say he needed me more than anything because his wife had left him and taken the kids away too.I refused to see him and that was it.

When I got back to Nigeria he still called severally and then I decided to talk to him and he told me he would buy me a ticket to come to his house and see things for myself,later in September that same year I went to America and saw that she had truly left him and ever since we got talking again. 


Please help me beg this woman not to rub my good name that I built over the years in mud . I did not snatch Femi Anibaba from her neither did I separate both of them,she is doing all this because she heard the marriage rumour and thought it is true and jumped in to use this opportunity to spoil my name without any evidence.

She should tell everyone the truth, this is my own version and the gospel truth and Stella,Heaven is my witness . I only reacted to this because she wants to mess up my name and I don't like this rumour of me getting married to different men every year .This is my last say on this,I will not exchange words with her in the press.Thank you Stella''


Anonymous said...

See how people can just wake up and cause issues and lies over someones good name.But Madan Ronke I'm not saying you are guilty oh but let's be honest why should a woman like you be having friends with married men especially those in dicy situations.That is the problem we are having wif african women today women in general.If you are going to be a friend be a friend to the wife and family,you are his friend my foot.lf he was your husband would you like him having a friend?Sorry this is happening but to the other women out there,stop this your friendships oh when u clearly know what he wants.Your entertaining fire.I have said my owwn.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more @anonymous dis story is clearly a lie..I mean u meant someone online and u went to meet his family,and u claim he is ur friend?is dat how she visits all her friends family members?its ok to keep quiet if u don't have a good story..

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