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How to Be a "Girlie Girl"

A girly girl wholeheartedly embraces her femininity. She enjoys being a girl and works hard at it every day. Here's how it's done.
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Take care of your skin.
  • Wash your face with a mild face soap that removes makeup, dirt and oil every morning, day, and night. You can give yourself a steam facial every week to get all your pimples and blackheads out, but don't overdo it. It can dry your skin and cause blemishes. Make sure your face is clean before putting on any type of cream.
  • Try using an appropriate acne cream . Almost all acne creams or gels will dry out your skin. That is why it is best to invest in a smoothing moisturizer too. Clinique Dramatically Different SPF 15 Moisturizer Gel, for example, is great for all skin types. If your skin doesn't have enough oil and is being dried out by creams, it will go into an oil frenzy and make you break out more. Clinique moisturizer will give your skin that special ingredient to make it not go into oil overload. You should put it on at night after you have put on your creams and in the morning after a shower.
  • If you have bad breakouts, make it a point to see a dermatologist. They will recommend what’s best for your skin.
  • Put on a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. Moisturize your body with a moisturizing body wash, and put lotion on your legs, knees, elbows, arms, and hands. If you do this, you will have moist soft skin all the time. In the shower you should wash with a scented bath gel and sponge.
Wear makeup that makes you look polished. 
Lip gloss and mascara are perfect for everyday wear (but make sure you apply it smoothly. Clumping is not attractive). You can also wear cheek tints and eye shadow, if you want. Foundation makes your skin look flawless, but watch out, too much can look fake. Concealer is good to cover up blemishes. Eyeliner makes your eyes pop.
  • Use a makeup sponge to apply your makeup. It spreads the makeup evenly. Don't put makeup over your dry skin though, because it will make your skin look flaky. Wear a powder over that to make your skin look less shiny. Try neutral colors on the lid.
Have good hygiene. 
Be clean and groom yourself every day. Make sure to use a comb to part your hair when it's wet, keep your nails dirt-free and always painted, brush your teeth and shower. Good smelling breath is a must! When washing your hair, use a shampoo that helps your hair become frizz-free and shiny (not oily, but shiny).
  • When spraying perfume, use just enough. Excessive use of perfume is counterproductive and does not improve your hygiene, despite popular belief. Being clean is important; being grubby isn't girly and isn't ladylike.
Take care of your nails as well.
 Nail polish is a big thing. Treat yourself to a pedicure/manicure once in a while, and make sure to keep from biting your nails, picking at them, etc. People notice your hands more than you think, and jagged nails don't look nice. Try to go to a nail salon to get your nails done. If you can't, just do it by yourself or with a family member. Older sisters and mums are often good at nail-painting. If this is your first time being a girly-girl-in-training, try not to use dark colors like black. Use girly colors like pink, purple, etc. Make sure your hands are soft too; invest in a good hand cream like Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand & Nail Revitalizing Hand Lotion. It makes your nails stronger and hands softer. Nail polish can be extremely feminine and chic at the same time, and it comes in tons of different colors. Try and use a nail polish that matches your outfit.

Look after your hair.
  • Be careful, too much brushing causes flat and dull hair. A few strokes to get out your tangles and to style it will make your hair beautiful. You'll look like your hair is flowing when you walk. Do not use electronic hair machines like blow dryers and curling irons too often or they will dull your hair. Let your hair air-dry. Make sure you comb it with a wide toothed comb or a brush.
  • Wash your hair every other day, depending on your hair type, and don't use too many hair products. It looks gross when your hair is all stiff and oozing with hairspray and mousse.
  • If you have flat hair (meaning no volume), use a Volumizing spray. Spray it close to the roots and work your hands through your hair. If you have curly hair, using tons of hairspray and mousse will make your hair look dull. Do not pull your hair back (half up and half down) if you have curly hair and attack it with mousse and hairspray. It doesn't look good when you do that.
  • It is not healthy to straighten your hair every day, so you will need to use a heat protectant. Apply the protectant while straightening or curling your dry hair. Start at the back and work toward the front until your hair is styled. Straightening your hair when it's totally wet can damage the hair severely. There are wet-to-dry straighteners available, but it will do the same thing. Make sure you know what type of product you're using.
  • Try different hairstyles every day, like half-up half-down, high-ponytail, side-braid, low pig tails, curls, side ponytails, messy buns with a headband, and tiara braids. Pixie cuts can be cute on the right face type. Be creative!
Take care of yourself. 
Eat healthy. Exercise daily. However, this doesn't mean starve yourself. Just dont eat too much junk food, because remember, you don't have to be thin to be beautiful. As long as you're healthy, you're fine! If you think you are overweight, see a doctor and ask about what types of diets there are out there for you. Ultimately, you can't be a girly girl if you don't have confidence in your appearance.
Keep your teeth nice and white 
There are several ways to get the perfect dazzling smile. If your teeth are crooked, don't shy away from braces. Just think of them as jewelry for your teeth! For whitening, you can either do it yourself at home with a store-bought product or go to a dentist. Look for someone who has expertise in the area of cosmetic dentistry to get them professionally whitened.

Have a sense of style. 
Being fashionable is important. Try to read more fashion magazines to learn what kinds of clothing go well together. Try mixing and matching the clothes in your closet. The results may not always be great, but you're bound to discover new and cute combinations. Be sure to create your own fashion and have your own style, because it's not right to wear something that just isn't you. It's often better to have a basic personal style than to always be chasing the latest "fad" look. You could waste hundreds of dollars on clothes just for them to go out of style a few weeks later. When buying clothes to set up your wardrobe, buy the girly girl basics.
 Pink is a typical girl color, but don't shy away from blacks and blues, as they can also look very cute! Your wardrobe should contain:

  • At least three comfortable pairs of shoes: one pair of workout sneakers (a girly girl is never to be seen outside the gym with sneakers), and a couple of pairs of cute shoes (heels, moccasins, flats, sandals, take your pick). Ultimately, a girly girl can never have too many shoes!

    • Light-wash and dark-wash denim skirts
    • Light-wash and dark-wash shorts
    • Two pairs of dark-wash skinny jeans.
    • Six plain tank-tops in the colors: pink, peach, black, blue, lavender, and white. These will be good for layering or a weekend casual look when paired with shorts or jeans.
    • Cute panties. (No one will see them, of course. But they will make you feel cute, nonetheless.)
    • Three cute dresses. When shopping for dresses, remember: short or tight, chose only one. Do not pair them both. Go for neutral colors that can be matched with other things for fancy occasions, but also buy colorful and cute sundresses for the summer time!
    • Use mostly pastel colors, but neutrals go with everything. Have enough clothes in both types of colors to mix and match.
    • Wear clothing that fits. Don't wear low cut jeans if you don't feel comfortable, but make sure your jeans fit you and are not tight or baggy. A belt is okay, but the fit says it all. Try on lots of brands, styles, cuts, and sizes. Not every size jean will fit the same, depending on the brand. The same goes with shirts. Not tight, not baggy. If your shirt is so tight you can see your bra or you have trouble getting your shirt off of your back, then it's too tight. To see if the shirt is too small, raise your arms up. If your stomach shows when you do this, then the shirt is excessively short! Things like camisoles are supposed to fit tight.
    • Remember, you don't have to buy brand name clothing. Brands are just social signifier meant to make people feel superior. Don't get caught up in that behavior.
    Be graceful. 
    Substitute clumsiness and jerky movements with graceful and fluid actions. True girly girls appear like they're floating. Put your shoulders back and chin up. This is a difficult step, but also a crucial one. Being graceful doesn't mean you have to hate sports and walk on tiptoe. Just make sure you walk with your head up, shoulders rolled back and your back straight. Don't swagger, or swing your hips. It looks exaggerated and weird. Don't swing your arms either - keep them by your side.
    Have a bright personality, bubbly and happy. Don't giggle all the time, because people will find that annoying. Instead, make other people laugh, and be cute. Don't take yourself too seriously.Always be nice and generous. Having a selfish and nasty attitude toward others will drag you far away from being ladylike. Always have a smile on your face, and be willing to let people borrow things from you. Be nice to everyone, even people who you think are losers, because nobody is a loser and everyone is a human being with feelings. Everyone deserves a chance. Don't exclude people from games, gifts, etc. keep your promises and don't gossip. Don't be mean or hot headed-always keep your cool.

    Don't let anyone mess with you. 
    If someone is bullying you in any matter, you don't have to put up with it. Don't let anyone walk all over you. This is the time to calmly tell someone who is mistaking your niceness and generosity for weakness that you will no longer be associating with them. Do not "unleash the nasty" as this will cause people to think that you are a fake person.
    Have a few comments prepared if someone is insulting you. But always be nice. There are no exceptions.

    Be romantic. 
    Being a girly girl is also associated with romance. Be sure to read romance novels and develop a keen interest in poetry. You can also make this your music style by listening to love songs.

    Stop swearing.
    Swearing or talking loudly is most definitely unattractive, and not ladylike. It may be hard to stop, but swearing is one of the worst things you could do if you're trying to be girly.
    Try making a deal with your friends about not swearing for a day. Prove to yourself that you can control the things that come out of your mouth. Try saying things like, "Oh, poop" and "Darn it." Try not to use hurtful words like "idiot" or "moron." They're not okay. Try to make calm and civil comebacks, not the regular harsh insulting words. It'll take practice, but it's a huge step toward being ladylike and girly.
    Learn to talk well. Talking well is quite an art. Find a good tone so that people can hear you without straining their eardrums or covering their ears. A medium tone is best. If you enunciate your words in a strong accent, not many will understand you.

    Don't stuff your face with food. 
    Instead, chew your food and don't make any noises or gulp it down. Don't take huge bites either - just normal ones. To look normal as possible when eating take a bite and count to 20 in your head while chewing then swallow. Avoid eating anything that could get messy and sticky.
    Don't slouch when you're sitting in a chair - press up against the back of the chair and plant your feet firmly on the floor. Avoid folding your arms too - it gives off a "get lost" vibe, and can make you look unsure about who you are and where you stand. Try not to put your hands in your pockets too much either. Just practice keeping them by your sides. It feels awkward, but actually looks completely normal.

    Hang out with gal pals
    Girls love the mall, shopping, and almost anything associated with beauty. Get a group of friends and have a shopping spree, makeovers, a sleepover, a bake sale or any girl-related activity.
    Be organized. 
    If you are organized, you'll always be able to find the things you're looking for. Being disorganized is unladylike.
    Make sure your belongings are neat. Make sure you label and cover all of your binders, folders, and textbooks. Try covering them with clear contact paper - it looks a lot neater. If you like patterned contact paper, try the metallic looking varieties that come in red, silver, blue and gold. Label your things and look after them to make sure they don't get lost or damaged. Buy some nice pencils and pens. Make sure you always have enough of everything - constantly asking to borrow things isn't ladylike. When buying a school bag, go for light and neutral colors and posh brands - stuff that's good quality. Don't buy anything in dark colors like navy blue or black.

    Read Magazines.
     Magazines are a great way to help you get caught up on everything going on in Hollywood and in the fashion world. The most popular magazines are gossip and fashion, but you can read anything you like. Lots of fashion magazines give you lifestyle tips that come in handy all the time. The gossip magazines keep you updated on what's going on with celebrities.

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