Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Birthday to Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian may not be best friends but they are birthday twins and the unlikely foes are more similar than they you may think. Although 3 years apart they were both born on October 21st.
The two ladies sure have some things in common..Check out the similarities below...

Amber and Kim Magazine
Men’s Magazine Covers
Amber and Kim both landed on the cover of men’s magazines. Kardashian landed a top spot on King and Rose looked sexy on the Women of King cover.
Amber and Kim Body
Envious Bodies
Women may hate both ladies but almost all women want their bodies. The non-black women’s bodies are a 10 and many women work hard in the gym for a close replica of what these women are working with.
Kim and Amber Baby
Private Family Lives
The Kardashians may support many paparrazzi’s careers but Kim K has kept her daughter very private and the same goes for Amber Rose. While both ladies continue to stay in the limelight they make sure their children are shielded from always being shot and they control most pictures that are revealed.
Amber and Kim Ex
Kanye West & Reggie Bush
Before there was KimYe both parties had separate love entities. Amber Rose had Kanye West and Reggie Bush had Kim Kardashian. Later down the line Amber and Reggie had a short romance but Kim and Kanye turned their short romance into a child and mansion together.
Amber and Kim Pregnant
Babies Born in the Same Year
Maybe their kids will have a better chance at being friends since they we’re born in the same year. Amber Rose gave birth first to her son Sebastian in February and North was born in June.
KIm and Amber Liquor
Liquor Endorsement
The bald headed beauty had her face plastered on every Smirnoff billboard and featured in any commercial for the popular liquor brand. The same can be said about former face of Midori liquor, Kim K.
Amber and Kim Single
Recorded Songs
Both ladies recorded their own songs. Kim dropped Jam (turn it up) and Amber released Fame.

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