Saturday, October 18, 2014

Famous Nerd Meme Guy Sues Instagram And Twitter For $100 Million

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Silicon Valley, CA: Once again, another person who became famous via Social Media ridicule is going after the social media companies. A photo of 44 Year Old Martin Baker holding his cellphone and looking concerned, was uploaded to twitter and immediately went viral on all social networks. Many people criticized Baker’s appearance from his hairline, his style of dressing and some even questioned  

His masculinity .
“I was really calling my wife and reminding her save me the big piece of chicken” said Baker, “I never expected all of this attention. Yes I looked concerned, but I love chicken and the last time she ate all the legs and I was stuck eating a dry wing.” Baker said he is unable to walk down the street without being recognized and being stopped for pictures. ” I have to wear a hat now and was forced to buy shirts without stripes. All I own are green striped shirts and now I have to wear plain shirts. My life is ruined.”
Baker has since hired lawyers to go after Instagram and Twitter for a total of $100 Million, claiming defamation. He is certain he will win this claim because he did not give consent to his image being shared millions of times on the social networks. “They have to pay up. They are ruining lives out there.”
We asked Baker if his wife saved him the chicken that he called for, he responded “No, her side boyfriend ate it!”

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Lmao...hilarious! meanwhile na ya news be dis? Give credit to whom credit is due to avoid stories that touch....Hahahahaha!