Friday, October 10, 2014

Don Jazzy Helps A Fan In Need

A few days ago, a young man; David James Jay, circulated an emotional letter on Facebook  and Twitter about his personal struggles. I found two things interesting about his story, namely; his need and the reaction of the public to his situation. Concerning his need; David isn’t dying of Ebola, his sister isn’t one of the missing girls and there is nothing wrong with his kidney. He is simply a computer science student who needs  ten thousand naira (N10,000) to complete his savings to buy a computer in order to make the most of his university education. (Read James’ story)

Perhaps the concept of a workman in need of work tools is not as emotionally persuasive as a story of rape or starving children. And this could explain why no one (except Don Jazzy who recently sent James the sum of thirty thousand Naira) batted an eyelid to the young man’s tragic tale which in many ways is symbolic of the Nigerian situation today; a rising case of half baked professionals  and students with no access to proper learning resources, gearing up to manage an economy that aims to compete actively on the global stage.
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Only Don jazzy responded to this young man and attended to his financial needs...
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God bless your heart Don Jazzy!

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30k for all dis story...stingy #hiss