Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Atlanta Housewife Porsha is rushed to the hospital while her Nigerian Sugar Daddy is held In Nigeria over Health Issues

According to MTO 
There's a bit of a health scare going on  among the cast of the new season of the Atlanta Housewives. You see, Porsha from the Housewives has come down with a mysterious illness. She's been suffering from FLU-LIKE symptoms, and even went to the hospital yesterday for treatment.

Well that wouldn't be such a big deal . . . EXCEPT for the fact that her AFRICAN SUGAR DADDY is currently being held in NIGERIA, for health reasons. We're told that he came down with an illness, and was not allowed to get on a plane bound for America until he's treated.

We can also confirm that Porsha and dude were TOGETHER earlier this month. We hope everything is OK with them two . . .

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Anonymous said...

Chai international aristo..all this ppl condemning 9ja girls for been runzgirls😄 so we have celeb dragging dis aristos wiv dem😃