Tuesday, October 14, 2014

3 Tanzanian Police officers Fired after Kissing Photo goes Viral

Kissing Cops
THREE Tanzanian traffic police officers have been fired after their kissing photo went viral.

According to sources, the officers were fired on grounds of gross misconduct in the course of duty. 
Asumba Mwasumbi and Veronica Mdeme were fired for engaging in the pictured kiss while the other cop, Fadhiri Linga was also fired for taking the picture with his phone.
The pictures have since gone viral and prompted their dismissal. 

Kagera regional police commander, Henry Mwaibambe, said the officers were fired following an investigation. The image shows two police officers, a male and a female in full uniform kissing in public.
The third officer has been disciplined for sharing the image on social media.
The scandal has sparked off social media frenzy in the country.
This is not the first time a police officer has gotten into trouble because of social media.
Earlier in the year, a Kenyan policewoman, Linda Okello, almost got punished after pictures of her in a tight skirt set her trending online courtesy of her ample ‘derriere’.

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