Monday, September 10, 2012

Lad knifed to death at Facebook party

Horror ... victim Jay Whiston and police at the scene

COPS found a knifed lad dying amid mayhem after a girl touted her house party on Facebook.

Victim Jay Whiston, 17, was stabbed as gatecrashers flocked to the bash — which spilled into a smart suburban street as hundreds turned up.
Medics fought in vain to save him after he was rushed to hospital bleeding from his abdomen.
Last night police were quizzing two youths aged 18 and another aged 17 on suspicion of murder.
Jay, from Clacton, Essex, was among more than 200 at the Colchester party — co-hosted by the teen called Laura and her mum. Vodka bottles and lager cans littered lawns as forensic teams studied a bloody footprint.
Jay’s shattered mum Caroline, 47, said: “One of his friends was being hassled for his phone. Jay tried to stand up for his friend — that was when he was stabbed. It isn’t right.”

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