Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chef ‘killed wife’ then boiled her body in vat for four days

On trial ... David Viens with Dawn

A CHEF on trial for his wife's murder told cops he cooked his wife for four days in boiling water to dispose of her body

David Viens,48, said only Dawn's skull was left which he stashed in his mother's loft but it was never found.Viens, who threw himself of a cliff after learning he was a suspect in the 39year old's murder, attended court in a wheelchair.
The LA case heard him tell sheriffs "I just slowly cooked it and i ended up cooking her for four days."He confessed he mixed the cooked down carcass with other waste and dumped it in a grease pit at his resturant and in a rubbish bin.
Viens spoke to detectives from his hospital bed in March last year after leaping 80ft Ranchos Verdes after coming under suspicion.He told then he stuffed his wife's body in  a 55 gallon drum of boiling water and kept it submerged with weights He was asked what happened the night his wife disappeared.He replied "For some reason i just got violent." 

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