Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Justin Bieber Gives Luxury Car to Sean Kingston

Justin Bieber is parting ways with the $100,000 chrome-plated Fisker Karma he received as an 18th birthday present from manager Scooter Braun... because he's going to get the newest model. That teenybopper money is awesome while you can get it.
Justin, being the benevolent Canadian he is, gave his old ride to his pal and frequent collaborator Sean Kingston to drive. Kingston was snapped leaving celebrity hotspot BOA Steakhouse in Hollywood in the futuristic contraption, telling the paparazzi that Justin was letting him drive it as he planned to buy the newest version. 
Justin may be abandoning his old ride because of its bad mojo: He's been pulled over twice for speeding in the fancy-looking automobile. He has a couple of other rides to use until his new purchase rolls in, including a tricked-out Mercedes van with its own recording setup, a Cadillac customized to look like the Batmobile, and a Smart Car emblazoned with the word "swag."

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