Tuesday, September 18, 2012


William Masvinu was on Monday night crowned Mr Ugly Harare 2012 at a colourful contest held at City Sports Bar in the capital.
The 38-year-old Epworth man was apparently confident his looks would earn him the title and brought his wife, Alice Chabhanga, to cheer him up as he comfortably sailed past four other contestants.
He pocketed $100 and a one night accommodation voucher at a Harare hotel.
Also convincing the all-female judges’ panel that he was ugly enough to be rewarded was Frad Mwando who became runner-up and pocketed US$50.
Masvinu took over the reins from Mr Ugly Harare 2011 Brian Mateyazondo who was absent on the night.
The excitement among audiences as they awaited the contestants to take to the stage was interesting.
Intermittently, members of the audience would jump on stage and twist their faces to their best frowns in apparent mimicry of contestants of the funny pageant.
When Masvinu went on stage, it was quite clear he would take the crown as he received wild cheers from the jubilant crowd that had drawn closer to ascertain the ugliest face of the night.
Unlike other contestants who frowned to look uglier, Masvinu exhibited his natural ugliness with confidence that impressed judges and audiences alike.
In an interview after his moment of glory, Mr Ugly Harare said he was proud of his looks and happy to be the winner.
"I know that I am very ugly and when I heard of this contest I just said the crown is mine," said Masvinu. "Being ugly is a gift from God and look where this gift has done to me. I am on my way to fame and I now have a few dollars in my pocket.
My wife was here in full support and I am really happy."
His wife said she was proud of her husband’s ugliness and was certain he would win.

William and wife
"We came here for glory and we got it. I know that my husband is very ugly and that is why I supported his participation in this contest," she said.
"Because of his ugliness, I am confident I have been able to keep him to myself since I believe other women would shun him."
David Machowa, affectionately known as Apama, who organised the event, said he had big plans for the contest.
"I am glad this year’s edition of Mr Ugly Harare went well, and I thank all the contestants for being brave and confident enough to stand in front of the crowd to be judged as ugly," said Machowa.

"Mr Ugly used to be held in Beitbridge and we thought it wise to popularise it in the capital.
"This is not just the end but the beginning of greater things to come as far as the contest is concerned. We are trying to organise a national event where we will have Mr Ugly Zimbabwe. We are also going to host the Miss Ugly Harare which will also lead to the national finals."

I dont think God created anything ugly....'my view'...congrats all the same Mr Williams lol

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