Friday, December 07, 2012

The world's worst jailbreak

Fat chance: 16-stone Rafael Valadao is surrounded by giggling guards after getting stuck in his escape hole

This tubby prisoner's audacious bid for freedom ended in total disaster after he got lodged in his escape hole and ended up surrounded by giggling guards leaving two accomplices still trapped inside.
Rafael Valadao's big belly stopped him from making his escape.
Firefighters stepped in around 2am morning after the two inmates waiting their turn behind Valadao failed in various attempts to push him through the hole they had made with a metal bar.
He was later taken to hospital under police protection with a suspected broken rib.
A police spokesman said: "He was screaming with pain when help arrived.
'He seemed to have underestimated the size of his stomach.'

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Lard luck: Despite his desperate attempts to squirm to freedom, portly Rafael reamained stuck fast

Get me outta here: With his face hidden to spare his blushes the hapless prisoner attempts to wriggle free

I give up: In the end the fire brigade had to be called in to cut the prisoner free

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