Saturday, December 08, 2012

Why i Chose Annie Over Others- 2face Idibia

“Annie is my first and true love. I had known her before I met the other women in my life. As a Christian, I had to marry one woman and it just had to be Annie.

“We had a secret wedding after we had reached an agreement and amicable understanding about the mothers of my children. It was a tough decision to make, one of the toughest in my life.

“I secretly married her because I have so much respect for my other babies’ mothers; I cannot afford to hurt their feelings with a sudden society wedding with Annie, not now. I chose her above the others because she has been through it all with me.”


Anonymous said...

He chose her above the others because she had been through it all with him; he should have thought bout that before doing semen contribution to your babies' mamas

Anonymous said...

how does dis affect d price of garii in d market..he's still a polygamist