Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fast Rising Singer, Tiwa Banks Stabbed By Landlord's Son Tobi Obadina

Tiwa Banks an upcoming artiste who sang 'Olenle' has been severally stabbed by her landlord's son. Her landlord's son, Tobi Obadina who people claim have done this to others in the area went into Tiwa's apartment at night to settle a little misunderstanding they had during the day, and after a little while, broke a bottle on her head and stabbed her severally.

Her brother and neighbour later rushed to the scene and took her to the hospital.  Tiwa is in the hospital receiving treatment while Tobi Obadina has been boasting around that he can not be arrested because he is the son of an ex-officer.


Gurjit Singh Khehra said...

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Tolu Idowu said...

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