Sunday, July 14, 2013

"The Difference Between JOURNALISTS and BLOGGERS" -by Saidi Balogun

My hat is of to journalists in Nigeria, we have come a long way. However it is a shame on my entire country when individuals that call themselves "journalists" who are actually just mere BLOGGERS think it is acceptable to violate internationally accepted ethics and build a "career" or "voice" for themselves writing rubbish. Rubbish articles that are not rooted in fact, have no proof/fact checking, have no quotes from affected stakeholders, or have anything else of substance are not written by journalists.
They are written by BLOGGERS with a craving for attention that resembles that of an adolescent. As I have been asserting as of lately "Eniyan dudu abi iwa dundun ni mi." I am black, proud and intelligent. Please support real genuine JOURNALISM and don't make the mistake of spreading rubbish rumor mongering from mere BLOGGERS. 

The nollywood actor posted the this few hours ago on his facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

I am absolutely on your side! :D totally. it's a shame for every journalist not just for them from Ng. what I mean is that things like rubbishes are exactly attract attention of (let me say) stupid people which can't have their own opinion. greetings <3