Friday, July 05, 2013

Thank You Lord For The Gift Of Life

All i just want to say this morning is - THANK YOU LORD! THANK YOU LORD!! THANK YOU LORD!!! I am thanking God not for any other thing than the special gift of life.Some of our mates are in prison, some in hospital praying for good health.

Some are even taking their last breath as i am writing this post but we are here today,its not by our power but the will of God to keep us till this moment.Sometimes we get carried away by the things of the world and all we imagine or ask for is -oh i want to drive the latest car, oh i want that 2013 chanel bag, oh i want this and that, VANITY UPON VANITY! Some people just wish for only one thing "TO LIVE".

If you have lost someone very close you will understand the angle i am coming from.Lets try and appreciate God every second of our life.When we wake up in the morning the first thing we should for is say -'Thank you lord' instead of us picking up our bb for recent updates or dp/pm or checking instagram for pictures or whatever.Five mins with God is not too much. I have to stop here for now.

If you able to read this then its a reminder that you are alive and you should wave your hands in the hair to thank God for your life.



Anonymous said...

asin these words made me had goose pimple.... ododo oro

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, true talk

Teju said...

Each breath is by his grace, that's why we are made to understand that his mercies are new every mourning. Sleep is the cousin of death but when the Most High says yes, No man/immortal can say no. Please lift/continue to lift him up everyday in every way you can for he is more than worthy. May God Bless you and may you stay blessed In Yeshua's name i pray. So shall it be. :)