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The £100MILLION bride: Chinese daughter of kitchen tile tycoon is married off with Luxury

New bride: Wu Ruibiao's daughter was given four boxes of gold jewellery, a bankbook with deposits worth £2m and an impressive property portfolio

A wealthy Chinese tile magnate gave his daughter a gigantic £100million dowry that included four boxes of gold jewellery, two luxury cars, shares and several homes for her lavish wedding.
The extravagant gift included four boxes of gold jewellery, a bankbook with deposits worth £2m (20m yuan) and an impressive property portfolio.
Pictures of the generous dowry were posted online on Sunday, at the end of the 'eight-day banquet', which took place in Cizao town, Jinjiang county, in eastern China's Fujian province.
Wu Duanbiao, chairman of ceramics firm Fujian Wanli Group, gave his daughter's new husband real estate including a retail store in Quanzhou, the Olympic villas and the Wanda mansion.
He also bequeathed the newlyweds 500m shares in his ceramics firm worth more than £10m (100m yuan) as well as a Porsche and a Mercedes which draped with red ribbons.
Wu, 54, also gave donations worth £1.5m (15m yuan) to two charities, according to local media reports.
The full extent his wealth is not known and company records show he only drew a salary of £12,000 last year.
His wife described the groom as 'an outstanding young man' saying:  'He gets his bread from the government.
'As parents, we certainly want our child's life to be more stable than our lives as entrepreneurs.'
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With these rings: Just some of the valuable jewellery included in Miss Wu's dowry

The bride is already on the board of her father's company and reportedly masterminded a recent stock market listing in Korea.
The bridegroom, a civil servant whose surname is Xu, had known his new wife since they were classmates in kindergarten.
A spokesman for Wu's firm, Wanli management, confirmed the endowment, but denied the wedding was to be the 'eight day open-air banquet' described in the internet post and said that Wu would 'keep things simple'.
Bride and joy: Miss Wu, whose father is a tile magnate, poses for the cameras. He father also gave donations worth £1.5m to two charities
Perfect present: The groom - a civil servant - will now be the proud owner of prime real estate including a retail store in Quanzhou, Olympic villas and the Wanda mansion

The post claimed the wedding banquet was beginning on December 28 would last eight days to entertain public guests.
Many readers of the weibo website praised Wu for donating to charities and his display of love for his daughter, according to South China Morning Post.
Bestowing expensive dowries has long been a Fujian marriage tradition, particularly in the Jinjiang and Shishi areas.
The tradition is sometimes seen as a manifestation of gender inequality in the region, because expensive dowries are supposed to ensure the bride will be treated well by her husband and in-laws.
Source : Dailymail

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