Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Spot the difference........!

Can you spot the difference between these pictures? The person on the left is Katy perry, an American recording artist, songwriter, and actress while the person on the right is Emma Pickles, The teenage shapeshifter(makeup artist).
When i see a raw talent, i do not hesitate to applaud such person, Emma is indeed a genius..i will give her 97% for this Katy perry makeup stunt she pulled, she did a great job.
Make-up artist: Emma Pickles, 18, has gone from a shy teenager to a YouTube star following her make-up tutorials
Emma Pickles,18, used transforming talents to overcome shyness.She posts how-to clips painting herself into monsters and celebrities.Emma found courage after years of struggling with crippling social anxiety after posting makeup tutorial videos online.
More than 1.5 million people have watched her transform herself into everything from movie characters Edward Scissorhands and X-Men’s Mystique to pop star Katy Perry and terrifying monsters.
Check out more of her pictures....

Transformer into transformer: Emma used latex makeup and prosthetics to become X-Men's shape-shifting villain MystiqueEdwardian: Emma becomes Edward Scissorhands, played by Johnny Depp in the film with the same name

Painted this way: A makeover inspired by Lady Gaga and model Rick Genest's appearance in the popstar's music video for Born This WayWhy so serious: Inspired by Heath Ledger's makeup as the Joker in Batman, Emma used prosthetics to create the famous grin

Queen of YouTube: The formerly shy teen turned into the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland for her first video which she posted a year agoVamped up: A beautiful vampire make-up fit for a Halloween party - despite Emma confessing she's never been to one
Zombie-fiedPop-art: Emma take on Roy Lichtenstein
How to: Emma uses a wide range of products to become Batman villain the Joker
Evil powers: The young YouTube makeup artist takes on another Batman villain - Harley Quinn \
Drop-dead gorgeous: Emma's favourite tutorials are her most terrifying
Transformed: Emma may have been so shy that she didn't dare speak up in class, but at least she will be able to howl at the moon in her werewolf gear
Lifelike dead: Emma spends hours researching and trying new methods to get her zombie style perfect
Inspiration: Emma, as Morticia Addams, now have thousands subscribing to her channel and hopes to work with film and television makeup

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