Thursday, November 29, 2012

Strongman pulls 8-ton truck along for 71ft with just his EAR- sets new record

Lasha Pataraya

STRONGMAN Lasha Patraya sets a new world record - by pulling an 8.28-ton truck along by his ear.
He dragged the vehicle 71ft in front of amazed onlookers at in his homeland of Georgia.
It’s the SEVENTH ear-related world record wrestler Lasha has to his name.

Lasha Patraya feels the pain after pulling a truck with his ear
Lasha after completing record
His previous feats include pulling a 2.35-ton bus for 135ft and hauling an 8-ton helicopter.
After completing his latest achievement, Lasha said: “It took me two months to prepare for this record.
“I expected [to pull the truck] to a distance of 10 meters but the result surpassed my expectations.”

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