Friday, November 23, 2012

Perfect woman? She doesn't exist!

Women striving for perfection might as well give up now. Men actually prefer ladies with flaws.
Researchers found there wasn’t a single man who rated his partner as perfect.
And of the 2,000 chaps quizzed, four out of five said they liked it that way.
In fact 80 per cent of men are convinced the perfect woman doesn’t exist while half of them say their current partner is ‘the one’ for them.

The research, for the Remington electrical firm, found that most men rate their other half as just 67 per cent perfect.

They say their loved ones most common shortcomings include having a bad temper, disliking sport and being obsessed with cleanliness.
Other grumbles which stopped men from seeing their partner as perfect were a tendency to make a big deal of things, criticising their driving and an insistence on watching soap operas.
Taking too long to get ready was also a big feature on men’s list of imperfections as well as women’s need to always have the last word.

Some braver men even complained that their partners needed to shave their armpits more.
Six in ten men complained that their lover deliberately tries to change their dress sense and diet.  A quarter of men also grumbled that their  wives or girlfriends attempt to influence who they choose to socialise with.

Some men felt their other half had let themselves go, while a few men even complained that their partners needed to shave their armpits more
However, more than a third thought that, when their partner does try to alter things, it’s usually for the better.
If men were to change their partner, the first thing they would do is to try to make them more relaxed, while getting them to enjoy football and be more adventurous featured highly on their wish lists.
One man in four also secretly thinks their partner has let themselves go a bit after they settled down into their relationship.
Just four in ten men were confidently able to say that they fully understand their partner.A puzzled seven in ten said their partner often confuses them with mood swings that they didn’t see coming.

But while perfection may not be real, British men do appreciate their other halves – a quarter admit that they are ‘punching above their weight’ in relationship terms and 45 per cent would readily admit their partner is the more attractive person.
Just a fifth of men said would actually want their partner to be 100 per cent perfect, while 47 per cent are convinced that their current partner is the person they want to live with forever.

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