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Personal/Intimate Grooming: What Women Need to Know

Personal grooming is the act of cleaning, grooming, and maintaining parts of the body.Personal grooming is about presenting yourself in the best possible way. It tells people what you think of yourself.
Grooming is a broad topic of discussion, we can go on and on when discussing it but i will narrow it down and point out some important factors the best way i can.

Good Skin
A person with good personal grooming always seem to have clear, even complexion.If you do not have good skin, establish a skin care regime that works for you, exercise regularly, sleep well and drink lots of water.Also a good concealer helps mask those imperfections as a face with filled with spots is a turn off.
Hair around the lips must be removed at all times.

Make up
Aim for a fresh, healthy appearance. Learn to do your make up elegantly and well, evenly and free of smudges.However, don't turn your face into a coloring board and end up looking like a village masquerade.
Never go to bed with your makeup on, always wash your face with a mild soap and warm water.

You can tell when a woman applies personal grooming to her body when she takes care of it.Exercise regularly.When you exercise, you build your self-esteem and confidence because you feel good about yourself. You feel better when you find the clothes you want to wear, not clothes you are trying to fit into(i am so lazy when it comes to exercising lol but i do the basic ones in the morning).

Personal grooming for nails means they should always be clean and shaped.Ideally, your nails should be polished or buffed, or coated with a clear protective coat. Whether nails should be long or short depends on your lifestyle.Dirty fingernails are a rude shock, not to mention the harm to health. The most elegant look is the French manicure, because they look clean, neat and healthy.
Don't forget your toenails.

Elegant Hair
Personal Grooming for hair means that hair should be clean, neat, tidy and elegantly styled.You should wash your hair every other day. Good hair etiquette also means never scratching your head in public.

Hair Removal
Hair from your legs, underarms, bikini lines should be removed at all times and your upper thighs and arms too if your natural body hair is long and dark.
For your face, upper lip should be removed and eyebrows should be shaped.

Hair Removal From Private Part
Soak in a bathtub for a bit to soften the hair up. It'll make it a lot easier to shave.Trim with scissors before lathering up the shaving cream and pointing sharp objects at your privates.Be careful. It's easy enough to nick yourself when shaving your face, and shaving is something you do every day!
Note that when you shave, within a couple days it could get really itchy.Alternately, use an unscented moisturizing lotion to minimize the itch.
Keep it clean always, it make your partner comfortable and proud of you!

Wash daily
Cleanse and rinse the pubic region thoroughly, taking care to wash the outside of your pubic mound with soap.Don't use soap on your labia or in your vagina—this can lead to irritation and infections.If you are on your period, change your pad or tampon regularly. Clean and rinse your pubic area after removal, and before replacement.

Wear fresh undies
Keep your clean, unused undergarments in a cool, dry place, and care for them well—make sure you dry them as soon as you wash them. Otherwise, you risk your clothes smelling horrible.

Dressing Elegantly
Lastly, personal grooming also requires dressing well,  elegantly and appropriately.Make sure your garments are clean and properly smoothed. There ought to be no visible sweat stains on your dress. Remember, a feminine should always smell sensible. Apply a light toiletries or talc. Look fresh.
Dont forget- the use of deodorants and cologne is also very important.There is nothing as sexy as smelling nice.

If there is anything you think i missed out or you have what to add to the above post, feel free to do so by dropping your comments down below...Lets educate ourselves.

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Anonymous said... gf is not dirty shes more like a tomboy and nonchalant.

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