Friday, June 07, 2013

Video: How Some Nigerians Kill And Cook Dogs For Consumption

This can only happen in Africa.In the western world pet animals such as dogs and cats are treated like humans.Some oyinbos wear clothes for dogs,sleep on the same bed with them.You stand the risk of been jailed punished if you starve or maltreat a dog.Na him my Nigerian brother dey kill 3-4 dogs per day to chop and sell.

I know some of my friends who eats dog meat and still argues that dog meat tastes better than any meat in the world, seriously?
Anyways what do u guys think about eating dogs?

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Anonymous said...

my Calabar pple i hail

Anonymous said...

kaduna people are the highest when it comes to eaten of dogs in 9ja!

Jummai Brown said...

One word: wickedness. Buh, wait a sec , am I skipping something here? Calibe... #lipsealed#